Detect change across all your prometheus metrics, not just those visible in dashboard and alerts. Get answers to questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.

Anomify unlocks prometheus to detect change across the entire metric population

Make well informed decisions when firefighting or optimising

Anomify adds a layer of intelligence above Prometheus.

90 percent of prometheus metrics are unobserved.

Activating your unobserved metrics

Prometheus Exporters collect all manner of metrics but only a fraction are utilized by monitoring teams.

Developers tend to include important metrics in alert rules and dashboards but the rest remain unobserved unless explicitly searched for.

Anomify runs detection analysis against all your metrics. Sign up for a free account, then send your Prometheus metrics to Anomify using Remote Write.


Root Cause Analysis

Anomify provides a birds eye view of system behaviour by continuously analysing all of your Prometheus metrics for unexpected change.

See a snapshot of change points when you’re debugging complex issues. No need to rifle through dashboards or wait for queries to resolve.

Root Cause Analysis Without Anomify

Before using Anomify with Prometheus.

Root Cause Analysis With Anomify

After using Anomify with Prometheus.
Real-time anomaly detection.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection happens concurrently, in near real time, across your entire metric population. Anomalies are logged to a database for inspection at your request.

Flag seasonal change.

Flag Seasonal Change

Anomify recognises ‘seasonal’ patterns it has seen multiple times before, helping you to differentiate between known changes and events that are out of the ordinary.

Live correlation.

Live Correlation

Anomalies and seasonal changes are correlated at a point in time providing both a high level and granular view of the system state right now.

Optimise performance by finding related events and correlating metrics.


Improving Performance

Slow is the new down. With the rise of site reliability engineering the focus is on improving the experience for end users. It's no longer enough to have infrastructure that functions, it needs to be performant too.

Anomify generates deep event insights by correlating across your entire metric population, not just on metrics you know to create alerts on. Get curious and find issues you didn’t know existed.

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