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Benchmarked October 2023.

Anomify is your always-on monitoring tool, using the power of machine learning to rapidly analyze your data and highlight the changes that matter most.

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Product Features

24/7 Always On


Real-time 24/7 monitoring gives clients the assurance they won’t miss critical events. The most cost effective monitoring hire.

Actionable Alerts


Alerts are delivered to user workflows with supportive context so that anyone on the team can interpret the issue.

Zero Point of Failure


Anomify’s infrastructure sits on patented cloud architecture for guaranteed uptime.

Root Cause Analysis


Anomify creates context through correlation, change detection and related event analysis to speed up time to resolution.

Custom Algorithms


Anomify uses a range of proprietary algorithms to form the best analysis pipeline for specific data.

Intuitive AI


Explore interactive real-time charts, check the health of metrics or train the detection system to improve accuracy.

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