Real-time event detection you can count on

Find issues faster than ever before. Anomify scans your metrics to find unexpected change.

The anomify dashboard gives you real-time event detection you can count on.

Existing methods for alert configuration aren’t effective.

Threshold rules are time consuming to maintain and prone to human error.

Many event detection products fail to deliver meaningful results because their algorithms lack the real-world context that a team brings.

Cultural differences make it hard for teams agree on a monitoring strategy. Does the person who instrumented the application also own alerts?

Thresholds are ineffective for detecting change and anomalies in real-time data.

Anomify generates reliable insights

Semi-supervised learning

Train the ML brain with the knowledge siloed in your teams.


Explainable AI

Unpick detection decisions.


Precise event detection

Cut False Positive events by 75% while maintaining True Anomalies.

React to incidents in real-time

Finding unknowns.

Finding Unknowns

Anomify’s explainable AI unearths deep relationships between your metrics that you didn’t know were present.

speeds up root cause analysis.

Speeding-up root cause analysis

By analysing your entire metric population continuously, Anomify presents metircs that changed at a point in time.

reduce alert pager fatigue.

Reducing pager fatigue

Alert spam wastes time and erodes trust in your monitoring strategy. Train Anomify with domain knowledge and get notified only when abnormal behaviour occurs.

How it works



Anomify is always on, proactively learning your metrics normal behavior, identifying deviations and updating its machine learning brain.

Anomify learns 24/7 identifying unusual behaviour.
Anomify detects only the critical changes in metrics and cuts false positives.


Anomify uses a consensus method, combining forces from multiple analyses, to determine whether an event is suspicious. Analyses are weighted depending on the long term characteristics of the data.

When an anomaly is detected, correlation and related event analysis is applied to aid resolution.


Alerts are sent to your workflow in near real time enriched with contextual data. Jump directly into the dashboard to explore correlated events and carry out root cause analysis.

Receive alerts notifications direct to you workflow to speed up resolution.

Product Capabilities

Root cause analysis.

Root Cause Analysis

Anomify creates context through correlation, change detection and related event analysis.

Actionable alerts

Actionable Alerts

Get alerts delivered to your workflow with supportive context so that anyone on the team can interpret the issue.

Zero point of failure patent.

Zero Point of Failure

Anomify's infrastructure sits on top of our patented architecture for guaranteed uptime.

API access.

API Access

Access analysis and results programmatically.

Custom algorithms.

Custom Algorithms

Have a specific case you want to catch? You can bolt a custom algorithm or threshold onto the analysis pipeline.

Intuitive dashboard UI.

Intuitive UI

Explore interactive real-time charts, check the health of your metrics or train the detection system.

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