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Detech AI: IT Infrastructure & Application Monitoring

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January 19, 2023
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Detech is a monitoring platform for cloud infrastructure used by Portuguese utilities companies including Energias de Portugal (EDP). They provide AI driven insights and aim to make debugging easier by unifying incidents across architectures. They needed help identifying incidents so they got it touch with Anomify.

Pager spam is #1 cause of ops burnout. 

Modern software is more complex than ever, deployed more frequently, and supported by cloud infrastructure that’s in a continual state of flux. There is a lot to monitor and there isn’t time to be staring at graphs all day. Devops and SREs rely on alerts to bubble up relevant insights. In order to trust a monitoring sytem notifications need to highlight to genuine issues.

Detech  runs Anomify’s anomaly detection software under the hood, sending 8500+ metrics to Anomify every minute of every day. Their metrics are processed in real-time and the results are made available via the Anomify API alongside a host of supporting data including correlated metrics, anomaly type, expected ranges, and related events.

Detech have taken the Anomify API integration a step further and baked the training process, which is used to update ML models, into their dashboard. The API has proved to be robust and extendable in meeting Detech’s needs.

Will Floutier
Product Manager

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