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Coull: Ad Tech Monitoring

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January 11, 2023
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In order to thrive ad tech companies need to ensure that every link in the ad request chain is working as efficiently as possible, especially when it can easily be broken with a badly formed tag or badly configured line item. With billions of daily events each happening in a fraction of a second, real-time monitoring is the only option for staying on top of business.

Anomify reduces blind spots for ad operations professionals

Coull is an advertising technology company specialising in proprietary in-video ad formats. Coull handles tens of thousands of ad requests per second from its publishers .Its infrastructure is distributed across multiple cloud services, and they’re connected to numerous 3rd party platforms and content.With so many third-party dependencies and performance requirements, it’s important for Coull to react to any anomalies. But with a small team and sometimes billions of daily events, it was impossible to monitor this data manually with success.Coull trust Anomify to analyses Coull’s metrics and alert them to important events.

Tim Fraser

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