Plugin to send wordpress metrics to Anomify

The Anomify Wordpress plugin sends selected performance metrics about your WordPress site to the Anomify.ai service for anomaly detection and alerting. Sign up for an Anomify acccoutn and install the plugin on your website to start using it.

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Developer, Scale Up plans



We created a plugin to monitor performance metrics from own wordpress site. You can use it too.

It's important to monitor Wordpress installations to ensure that your site remains stable and secure. More specifically monitorng helps in these areas:

  1. Security: Keeping an eye on your WordPress site can help you detect and respond to potential security threats, such as hacking attempts or malware infections.
  2. Performance: Monitoring your site's performance can help you identify and fix issues that may be causing it to run slowly or crash.
  3. Updates: Keeping your WordPress installation and all of its components up to date can help ensure that your site remains stable and secure.
  4. Traffic: Monitoring your website traffic can help you understand your audience and improve the user experience.
  5. SEO: Monitoring your website SEO can help you understand how well your website is ranking, and how to improve it.

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