Dispatch alerts as JSON to your internal tools

You can configure Aomify to displatch alerts to an endpoined owned by you. Alerts will be displatched as JSON data in a POST request.

Available on

Developer, Scale Up plans


Alert Channel

A webhook is a way for one application to provide information to another application in real-time over the internet. When a specific event occurs within one application, it sends a message, or "webhook," to a specified URL in another application. The other application can then process the information contained in the webhook and take appropriate action. Webhooks are often used for integrating different applications or services, and for creating custom automation.

If you would like to dispatch alerts as webhooks, get in touch with us via email or on Slack and we can agree on an authentication method and can provide your with a list of IP addresses that will be hitting your endpoint so as you can lock it down to IP adresss if you so choose.

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